NorLense delivers two types of harbour oil boom, NO-250-F and NO-350-F.

These types of booms are manufactured with a freeboard containing expanded polystyrene. Solid flotation means no need for air filling during deployment. Solid flotation booms are easy to handle and store.

The solid flotation booms are delivered in 25 m long sections. All our harbour booms have quick connectors so they can easily be connected to the required length depending on the situation. The booms can be delivered in bags, cages or containers.


NO - 250 - F 250 mm 450 mm 700 mm 2,4 kg/m
NO - 350 - F 350 mm 500 mm 850 mm 3,7 kg/m

Why choose NorLense - benefits ..

  • Minimal use of personnel
  • Extremely compact
    (minimum of deck space required)
  • Our systems have low life cycle costs
  • we are a complete solution provider
  • We offer emergency site managers
  • We train your personnel

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