Inflatable tents

NorLense has developed inflatable tent based on our unique High-pressure Inflation Technology. This technology allows a quick and easy set up in any climates. For more than 25 years the High-Pressure  Inflation Technology has been tested and operated in tough environments.

NorLense Swift tents have been tested outdoors over a period of 12 months in the arctic climate with strong winds and tremendous alternate temperatures.

The company manufactures and provides full service for customers all over the world. NorLense deliver tent-and camp solutions for a varity of military, humanitarian and commercial applications.

The NorLense tents are suitable for all types of activities depending on the customers needs.

The tents are available with inner liner, air compressor, air condition/heating, lighting and furniture in one complete package to form a unified infrastructure solution.

Read more about our Swift-Tent Series here

See our movie about Tents:

norlense teltfilm

Why choose NorLense - benefits ...

  •  Mobile with a quick and easy setup
  • Single point inflated with no need for constant air supply
  • Set up time: 15-20 minutes with minimal personnel
  • Designed for application in any climates
  • The tents can be connected together to form a larger unit
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Available in different sizes an various colors

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