HSE / Quality
  • NorLense shall secure workplaces in a good environment and at the same time offer products and systems that secure both humans and the external environment at the request of our customers and clients. NorLense shows  considerations both to the external and the internal work environment
  • NorLense shows consideration both to the external and the internal work environment
  • NorLense is certified in accordance to NS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The HSE and quality assurance systems shall be developed and used actively as a guiding tool to secure that the company stays competitive and profitable in the marked, and achieve the requirements of cost benefits thats required.
  • NorLense shall at all times live up to current laws and regulations. Through our quality assurance system we work continuous and systematic with improvements inn all aspects so that our impact on the natural environment is as small as possible.
  • Our customers is in centre, and by our HSE and quality assurance system and Lean as a guiding tool, the company work to secure the right quality of our products.



“HALOE is an alliance of competitive and innovative companies.
We provide solutions towards the maritime and petroleum markets”


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