gammel-lense-og-sjark-1973The company was established on Fiskebøl, Norway in 1975, and has since that time been the market leader in the development of today's oil spill recovery. Based on the same technology NorLense also delivers products within inflatable preparedness tents.

The frame for this technology was Torstein Hansen's 40 year of experience in the fishing industry and the new offshore boom was based around the ring net principle. The first prototype was already tested in autumn 1974.

The first contract was signed with Statoil in 1977 on a new type of ring net booms, this was tested on Nordland VII autumn 1977 and in the North Sea in winter 1979. After several successful tests this resulted in an offer on 10,000 meters of ring net booms to the National Pollution Supervision winter 1979. NorLense won this contract in May 1979, in competition with both Norwegian and foreign contractors. At that time the contract was worth 17 million NOK. These ring net booms are still in use along the Norwegian coast, and have been used on several operations abroad e.g. Mexico 1979 and Prestige in Spain 2002.

In July 2009 NorLense signed a considerable contract with the Norwegian Coastal Administration for the provision of oil booms to public depots. In addition five of the Norwegian Coast Guard vessels are now equipped with oil booms from NorLense. Also on the new depot at Fedje, which was established after the Server accident, you'll find NorLense offshore booms.

The contract with the Norwegian Coastal Administration gives NorLense a big reference value internationally and contributes to strengthen the position on the Norwegian and the export market. We see the Coastal Administration as a professional participant and an important reference client for NorLense in the marketing of our products in both Norway and in foreign markets.

In 2000 the idea to use the air filling system from the booms on inflatable tents came up as NorLense had a maintenance contract on tents for The Norwegian Armed Forces. Two years later the first tent model was ready, with the unique high pressure technology, in a cooperation with the Civil Defense in Lofoten and Vesterålen. By time a new model was developed together with the Norwegian Armed Forces and the project has been a great success for NorLense. In 2010 we signed a contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces to supply tents for the following 4 years and many soldiers have thereafter slept, worked or been medically treated in the SWIFT tent in Afghanistan, among other countries. The NorLense inflatable tents are already all over the world and we see a bright future with many new exiting projects and opportunities.



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