Ethical guidelines for NorLense


This document is primarily a tool for describing and affecting the behaviour and culture of the organisation.

  • All business activities and activities in general shall be conducted in accordance with existing laws and regulations and internal guidance.
  • Together with our values the ethical guidelines form the foundation and the framework for the organisations presentation culture and control system.
  • Our relationships internally and externally shall be characterized with sincerity and trust.



- Human Rights

  • NorLense support the international human rights as they are outlined in the UN human right declaration with accompanying conventions. Co-workers shall respect human value, personal information protection and the rights they are introduced to through the work. Under no circumstances shall co-workers cause or contribute to a breach in any person’s human rights.


- Work Environment

  • NorLense shall be a good and a professional workplace with an including work environment and shall acknowledge international conventions. NorLense shall respect all individuals and work actively to make and maintain a good working environment. All the employees shall treat each other well which means the organisation works to make sure cooperation and interaction takes place at all times and it is important to help each other in order to accomplish this.
  • NorLense takes distance from discrimination and will do our best to encourage equality at the workplace. Direct or in-direct discrimination based on race, skin colour, sex, sexual predilection, political-or cultural view, national-or social background, property, birth or other status shall never take place.
  • We have a work environment committee in the organisation that is working for a full justifiable working environment within the organisation. The committee consists of representatives from both employer and employee side. The work environment committee will participate in planning of protection and environment and also observe the development of the work environment.
  • Romantic relationship between co-workers can arise. This type of relationship shall be reported to the respective leader or leaders if one of the persons involved has a managerial function over the other person, or any other circumstances were the relationship can affect the working environment.


- Health, environment and safety

  • NorLense shall be world leading in development of the preparedness products that function as well as maintaining health, safety and the environment. The organisation shall in all circumstances focus on HSE and encourage good health and a safe working environment in accordance with international standards. All employees have a joint responsibility for achieving these objectives.
  • We will do our best to control HSE-risk at the workplace. We shall also take all necessary precautions in order to prevent accidents and work diseases. Our employees’ safety is very important to us. Health and safety shall be maintained in a way that healthy work environment and well-being is the outcome.
  • The organisation has established routines in order to maintain health, safety and environment (HSE). Procedures are introduced to register absence, damages, accidents and almost accidents. HSE system is integrated in the whole quality assurance system. NorLense is affiliated with company health service, and is an IA-company (IA = Including worklife) and has its own work environment committee (AMU) that covers everything within HSE.


- Organisational freedom and the right to salary negotiation

  • NorLense respect organisational freedom and salary negotiation. Employees are free to choose a representative who will represent them. Norlense will give the representative the time and materials in working hours to do this to a satisfactory standard.


- Forced labour

  • All work conditions at NorLense shall be committed voluntarily and without any threats. NorLense disassociates oneself with forced labour as well as work performed to pay off debts. All employees shall stand freely to end the working relationship in accordance to reasonable period of notice, referring to the law of work environment. NorLense shall not impose anyone to deposit money, identification documents or something similar to get or keep the work.


- Child labour

  • NorLense shall not employ children. Child labour means work performed by children and youth, unless the work is acceptable according to work environment law § 11-1 Prohibition of child labour. A definition of child is a person aged under 15 years old. However, if national or local legislation determines a higher age for work or higher age than 15 for finishing mandatory school the highest age is assumed.


- Loyalty, impartiality, conflict of interest and agreements with relations

  • NorLense respects the individual employee's right to privacy and private interests, but requires openness and loyalty to the business and corporate interests. Employees shall not take actions or have interests that make it difficult to work objectively and effectively.
  • Personal gain should never come before work at NorLense. One should never take part in or attempt to influence a decision or settlement if there is a conflict of interest or other conditions that could weaken confidence in the independence.
  • Conflict of interest may include, among other things customers, suppliers, contractors, current or potential employees, competitors and outside business activities. Should conflict arise, the employee on their own initiative, assess the situation and notify the parent of partiality or conflict of interest.


- Professional secrecy

  • All company employees have a duty of confidentiality by law and written agreement. The duty of confidentiality also applies after the conclusion of employment or contractual relationship so long as the information is considered sensitive or otherwise confidential.



- General

  • NorLense shall manage its business in such a way that suppliers and customers can have full confidence in NorLense.
  • NorLense expects that employees will treat everyone they come into contact with through their work or through work-related activities with courtesy and respect. They will meet competitors in an honest and professional manner. Public authorities should meet in a correct and transparent manner. Public information about the company shall only be given by Norlense management unless otherwise agreed. NorLense will show respect for cultures and religions in the countries we operate in.


- Competition

  • NorLense want fair and open competition in all markets - both nationally and internationally. Employees shall not, under any circumstances, cause or contribute to violations of general or special competition rules, such as illegal price-fixing, illegal market-sharing or other conduct in violation of applicable competition laws.


- Corruption and bribery

  • Corruption undermines all forms of business and free competition. It is damaging for the reputation and exposes the company and the individual employee for risk.
  • NorLense deplores all forms of corruption. One should never offer or accept illegal or inappropriate monetary gifts or other remuneration in order to achieve business or personal advantage for oneself or others. Employees shall not use agreements with intermediaries to channel payments to anyone in such a way that this can be regarded as corruption.


- Gifts and courtesies

  • Employees should always exercise caution in relation to offering or accepting gifts and courtesies. One should not accept gifts or other benefits if it is reasonable to assume that this is likely to influence business decisions. It allowed, however, that common courtesies are fulfilled. Any gift should be treated based on the individual situation.
  • NorLense operates in several countries and each of these countries has their own cultures to give and receive gifts. Employees shall act in accordance with the culture of the country it is in.
  • If in doubt a case must always be submitted to immediate superior.


- Money Laundering

  • NorLense deplores all forms of money laundering, and should prevent financial transactions with the company being used by others to launder money.



  • NorLense shall be a pioneer in taking care of the environment and promote greater environmental responsibility. NorLense is a “Miljøfyrtårn”- Organisation. Miljøfyrtårn is an official Norwegian environmental certificate. The requirements to be certified are: internal control HSE, working environment, materials and purchasing, waste, energy, transport and pollution. The company should minimize their environmental impact and continually improve its efforts for the environment.
  • Norlense mission is: "NorLense protect humans and the environment by accidents and natural disasters." NorLense shall be a world leader in the development of emergency preparedness products that work and protect the health, safety and security.



  • The company has its own procedures for managing documents and data. It has been decided how, where and how long the documents of various types to be stored. Employees must sign a preserve absolute confidentiality on matters irrelevant to the knowledge attained by working in your business and treat such information with caution also applies to other employees in the company. This is especially true knowledge about the internal affairs of NorLense and in NorLense its customers and partners. It also applies to information and relationships that are part of NorLense's tangible and intangible values, or are important for NorLense their competence, competitiveness and existence. This may include information about product specifications, production, technical factors, drawings, contracts and other documents containing information that is important for the company.
  • The duty of confidentiality also applies after the end of the company. Violation of this may be grounds for dismissal. Reference to the Marketing Act, § 7 and 8 and Penal Code § 294
  • Norlense processing of personal data shall be subject to the care and prudence that is required by law and other governmental regulation, and that is relevant to information that may be sensitive. This applies regardless of whether the information concerns customers, employees or others. Treatment of personal data should be limited to what is necessary for appropriate business purposes, the safeguarding of customers' needs or proper management of employees.



- Internal control

  • NorLense is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System. It is an annual audit conducted by external auditors, the Norwegian Veritas.
  • There are established procedures for internal quality audits of processes, products and the quality system. Essentially, all areas within the company revised within one year, and it created a separate plan for it. The results of the audits are used to implement corrective measures, and the results of the audit and the effect of the corrective actions are recorded and stored. In addition, management shall review the quality assurance system at regular intervals to check that it meets the ISO 9001:2000.
  • Quality Coordinator in the company, together with the CEO ensures that quality assurance system is implemented and followed at all levels of business. Quality Coordinator and the CEO must also ensure that the law on internal control and safety are followed and complied with.


- Accounting

  • Norlense accounting shall ensure that all transactions are properly recorded in accordance with law and generally accepted accounting principles. Employees must observe company rules on registration of transactions and proper documentation and take responsibility for ensuring that business transactions are recorded and documented completely and correctly in accordance with applicable accounting principles. Financial statements, interim financial statements and financial reporting shall also be according to law, regulations and generally accepted accounting principles.


- Reporting

  • Norlense reporting shall be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and be full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable.
  • Those who are involved in Norlense reporting process must be familiar with and follow Norlense reporting controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting, to the extent it is relevant.



  • Violations of the company's ethical policies or relevant laws may lead to dismissal.
  • If an employee discovers a violation of Norlense rules or guidelines, one should take it up with your immediate supervisor. Failure to do so is in itself a violation. If the matter cannot be raised with the immediate supervisor, the employee can escalate higher or to the employee representative.
  • It will not be tolerated in any form of reprisals against those who in good faith reports a violation or suspected violation of these guidelines.
  • The board shall do all that is required to investigate violations reported. If there is failure, then NorLense will take disciplinary or preventive action as it deems appropriate.



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